This data protection statement should inform the user about the collection and the use of individual related data by the Faustenhammer GmbH.  The website host is taking data protection very seriously and handles the individual related data confidential in accordance with the legal regulations. As the website and the data protection is constantly under further development we recommend to re-read this data protection statement in frequent intervals. Definitions of the used terms you will find in article 4 DSGVO.


Access data

The website host collects data regarding the website accesses and saves them as server log files on the website server. The following data is recorded:


  • Attended websites
  • Access time
  • Quantity of the transmitted data in byte
  • referrer
  • Used browser
  • Used operating system
  • Used IP address


The server logfiles are going to be stored max. 7 days and subsequently deleted. The storage of the data is a result of safety measures. If data has to be stored as evidence, it will be deleted once it is no longer needed.


Coverage measurement & cookies

This website is using cookies for pseudonymized reach measurement which will be transmitted from our server or a third party’s server to the browser of the website user. Cookies are small data, which are stored on your device by your browser. With the use of cookies the usability and the security of this website is improved.  If you do not consent to the use of cookies you can contradict on the following links:


Common browsers offer the setting option not to allow cookies. If you are using these settings the unrestricted use of the website is not guaranteed. Gathering and processing of individual related data.


The website host is only gathering and processing data, or is transferring it to third parties if it is in accordance with the law or if there is explicit consent.


Personally identifying information are all information which help to determine your person and can be retraced to you for example your name, e-mail-address and phone number.


You can also use this website without specifying your personally identifying information. Due to the improvement of our online offer we are saving your access data without individual relation. This access data for example could be requested data or the name of the internet provider. Due to the anonymization there is no possible retracement to your person.


We are processing personally identifying information as name, IP-address, e-mail-address, city and postal code and information entered via the contact form. We are processing individual-related data after permission of the user in accordance with the current data protection policies.


The data processing is carried out in our justified interest for the fulfilment of our contractual service and for the optimisation of our online experience.

Handling of contact data

If you get in touch with us via the contact form your data is going to be stored for the handling and response of your enquiry. This data is not transferred to third parties.


Handling of comments and input

If you leave a comment or input the IP-address is going to be saved. This is happening in our justified interest  in accordance with article 6 paragraph 1 DSGVO. If your comment is violating the law, the website host may be liable so they have serious interest in the identity of the author.


User’s rights

The user has the right for free information which individual-related data has been stored. Moreover it is the person’s right for correction of wrong data, limiting the data procession or deletion of personally identifying information. If applicable the right for data portability can be used. If you think that the data is processed in an illegitimate way you can appeal at the responsible regulating authority.


Deletion of data

It is your right to call for the deletion of your data unless there is no conflict with legal obligations. If the purpose is fulfilled and it is in accordance with legal obligations your data is going to be deleted. If a deletion cannot be executed because the data is required for legal purposes the data processing is going to be restricted. In this case the data is locked and not used for other purposes.


Right of objection

Users of this website have the right for opposition against the procession of individual related data at any time.  If you wish a justification, stop, deletion or information about the stored individual related data or have questions concerning the evaluation, procession or usage of personally identifying information or want to revoke given consent please refer to


Approaches via contact form

If you approach via e-mail or contact form your information will be stored for the handling of your inquiry or further questions.

Usage of session cookies
This website is using PHPSESSID cookies. This cookie is storing you actual browser session with reference to PHP applications and ensures that all functions of this website, which are based on a PHP programming language, are fully functional.

Google Maps:
This website is using google maps API to visualise geographical information. Google is collecting, processing und using data, gathered via the use of google maps. For further information on the data gathering of Google maps please refer to the Google data protection statement. In the privacy settings you can change your data protection settings.